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Bad is good, Down with Government!





June 14th, 2012

Brace for the next wave

The law of diminishing returns is nearing endgame. Another couple of years and we’ll reach infinite easing to gain no returns then drop off the reality cliff that really was all just an economic vote of no confidence of our managerial elite anyway. For now we get a little show overseas as the gasoline of our collective stolen efforts are poured on pig mans fiat fire to burn average Joe’s house down a wee bit more for important people to get a leg up on the competition. Brace for impact people, go to high ground, the next big wave is coming to wash away your gains and drown those who weren’t ready to body surf the great fleecing.

Hi all. Sorry but I had been away and during my absence lost my hard drive. Anyway, just stepping in to say hello and do the hue and cry about what’s looming these next few weeks. No, it's not the end, just the yum yums in power about to take people to the cleaners again and soon so as to set things up to look the saviors and trick people once again into trusting the party shell game for the next round of suck.

They got to keep the Joes on that treadmill. Peonage makes the fiat go round and round.

"I love money. I love money more than the things it can buy. There's only one thing I love more than money. You know what that is? OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY".
Lawrence Garfield (Danny Devito: Other Peoples Money)

October 16th, 2010


Psycology, game theory, politics, economics, fractals and assholes! Oh, I'm on to something. Mucho math. My brain is going to hurt but a proof it shall be!

The managerial elite are going to shoot me for this.

Landru kills the body!!!


October 15th, 2010


Ok, so here I am on the web again with nothing to do. It's Friday night, kids asleep, Helen retired for the evening. Something... I think its Donald Fagen on the radio. Anyway...

So when's the fourth wave, the big Kahuna, the economic tsunami gonna crash down on us all? The Chinese sure are making noise about it thinking we're all done for and all because helicopter Ben will be raining QEII funny fiat money by the bushel any moment now as Obama sits on his mitts refusing to fix the foreclosure logjam. Hehehehe, I see what you're doing Gietner... Must keep those toxic derivatives afloat on fixed collateral values.

Do you feel clean? Can you sleep at night robbing the people trying to reshape the paradigm, be the new bankster masters? I think not.

Sweet, now its Boz Scaggs Lowdown. Good god 77 was a good year for me!

Meanwhile our great leaders are all cackling mad with glee at the scam they've set up to follow up their masterwork sheeple sheering, house flipping shakedown carrot soon followed by the inflationary stick. They bone you with your upswing greed and again on the downslide. Frankly I find it all quite entertaining.

Ummmm, the sweet smell of foolish people learning from thier mistakes. So how's it feel America, the incremental enserfment of you all one avaricious mark taken at a time? Wise up quick, find your revolutionary roots or it’s your collective ass ;)

I'll give you a clue.

Drop your tools.

Don't play their game.

Don’t get loans

Buy as little as possible

And don’t be the nail that gets hammered doing something stupid


And, before you know it all those parasitic creeps running DC and Wall Street will move on to suck someone else’s blood. Seriously, it won’t be that bad. Ok, bad as in a smack addict going cold turkey but hey, the harsh, short hell will be all good in a year or two when you rediscover freedom.

LOL, now it’s Pablo Cruise, Love will find a way, and Billy Joel Just the way you are. WTF, is this 70’s night? Crap, my defenses are breached, reminiscing, oh the melancholy…. Nooooooo

Fooled you. I’m good! Gnight, enjoy, there is a tomorrow. Seriously, I know!

June 18th, 2010

So, we had another fine day at St. George Island again. The weather was standard Florida fantastic and no oil or tar balls in sight. We did hear from locals that some tiny tar balls had reached Panama City but most discounted the rumor as simple melodrama.

Up at Ft. Walton Beach is another story. A few bits of the rig wreckage washed up on shore and the first wave of tar balls are hitting the beaches. It’s not much… yet.

The fishing is fantastic right now as all the sea life has been fleeing the slick to our cleaner waters. My personal opinion is that there is a silver lining to this disaster as the bay area was in sore need of a fishing moratorium to regenerate the terribly over fished waters and the oil will force this event. A few years from now the Apalachicola bay will be choking with huge fish again.

Everyone knew this and still the businessmen and corporations wail, pull hair and gnash teeth before the gubment pleading for “other” people’s money to bail them out and its being given too. It makes me sick seeing such avarice. They should have listened years ago, prepared and found other work till the slick goes away and the fish return but no…

Anyway, a fine, fine day...

So, for the past umpteen years I’ve slowly perfected my own personal RPG. It’s a solid system, simple, fun to play and unique among all others… That is until this weekend when I introduced a couple of new players to it.

Both the new players took one look at it and accused me of plagiarizing some system called “The Burning Wheel”. They were really quite rude about it saying there is no way I could come up with something so similar on my own but other friends I’ve known for over a decade backed me up and the two lost their snotty attitude. It turned out they absolutely loved this Burning Wheel system. Anyway, I went and bought a copy as I couldn’t believe someone else published the same unique mix of RPG concepts.


Due to unemployment and loads of free time I had been prepping to publish my system online for the past year. Every detail was ready, proof read, etc. It was to be my big entry into game publishing! Art work! Adventures! Hours of hard, hard work! I even kept a close eye on every game out there to make sure I could beat anyone else no matter the slim chance they would come up with the same mix yet this one evaded me.


I knew I should have published back when it wasn’t nearly ready… I could of had a piece of crap out by 99 and simply improved on it over the years.


Bastard, you beat me too it! Sigh, oh well. Congrats Mr. Crane. It’s a great system and my years of creating the same damn thing prove it. That’s a god damn complement by the way! We’re probably both alike having read the same books, played the same games, watched the same movies. I could probably read your mind and tell you where you found all the bits that make up The Burning Wheel.

Excellent job, congrats. No I really mean it, honest!

I give up…

Edit: Great, just great. I was just chatting with a buddy who tells me my Quasi Steam Punk meets Zombies, Crackling dust and fearsome times novel is way too close to someone elses work too.

That's it! It's off to Afganistan to help blow up shit.

May 15th, 2010

Wow, its been some time...

I've been away for some time, far away and really enjoying life. I hope things are going as well for you? Fill me in on the latest news please. I feel like I've been on another planet this past year.

Hope everyone has been well.

Oh, and I might be gone again shortly too...

(no subject)

Yeh, still alive and kicking...

Mine are in the middle

The very cold trip to DC with Kiera
Robert and St. Marks
Looking for the Creature from the Black Lagoon... Up the Wakulla river.
Samantha at the beach

Show me yours????

Oh yeh, and sorry for the prolonged vanishign act. I've been away, far away.

September 19th, 2009

Is this thing on?

The financial ocean is receding, the crest of the next derivative tsunami forms on the horizon. Brace yourselves because the next bubble is about to burst. Change you can’t help but believe in is eminent!

Sniff, sniff, something else on the wind. It’s familiar, smells like fire and blood and… Meh, it’s gone. I guess it was nothing…

The paradigm is teetering and there are those tempted to tip it for fun and profit. If only I were a player in this game, oh the sweet anarchy, the change.
Back on the home front it’s all work, work, work as I carve out my little slice of jungle. The fence is up, gate, fields are ready for winter planting and stores are full. If only I could finish the ABE fermenters the transesterifcation system and diesel generator in time. Another year and I’ll be ready for whatever the pakleds do to the world, including nuclear war.

Robert picked up a rattlesnake the other day. Helen says I cleared thirty feet in the blink of an eye to take it from him and throw him aside. I then realized I was holding a poisonous reptile. Surprisingly enough it was quite docile so I gently put it down and we went our separate ways. I think I lost five years of my life in an instant.

Kiera made it into the school of the arts! She’s turned out to be quite the artist and getting into animation and set design. I’ve hooked her up with some friends in LA working the movie scene for an internship. We’ll see how this pans out. I hope the best for her.

My RPG hobby is in fits and starts but at least I got to finally play an Erudite. I can’t fathom why DM’s have such an aversion to them. Ok, I know now as it has been a blast as expected. Now I’ve added Archivist and started ripping powers from the gods MUhahhahahahahahahahahaha. I love Hieronymus the infidel defiler!

I just reconnected my old stero having recovered it from storage along with a zillion albums. Curently listening to Rush "Permanent Waves" "2112, Hemishperes, Moving Pictures, Super Cramp "Crime of the Century", Sweet and Floyed "Wish You Were Here". God Damn! DAMN!

Cracked open bottle of 15 year old scotch...

Signing ofd, cvn't thpe


Wjsh you qere hdre

November 2nd, 2008

Hey all!

Hope you're all having a nice day.
Been watching Champloo tonight and wondering, does Watananabe know anything other than the crazy, spastic, raw talent guy plus smooth, gut you in one swipe and big eyed babe with six dice of luck schtick?
Still, awesome lot of fun to watch and plays well to my barbaric, blood letting urges!

Up yours!


September 26th, 2008

Great News!

Something wonderful has happened. For thirteen years now I’ve suffered debilitating pain in my abdomen that completely baffled multiple doctors. The pain would often range from about a constant dull four to an eight and even a few nines and tens depending on activity.
Walking, running, biking, sitting, laying down, stress, seemingly everything aggravated it. Of all of them the worst was sexual intercourse. Needless to say, I haven’t experienced much at all sexually in thirteen years.

There were bizarre side effects, such as, alternating extreme weight gain and weight loss that defied all logic, dizzy spells, fever, horrible headaches that felt like nails driven into my skull, nausea, absolute life crushing fatigue, a crashing immune system where I’d catch anything even weird crap, memory loss, and the occasional complete blackout were I’d find myself sitting in my car miles from were I intended or simply losing twenty minutes or four hours here and there. I couldn’t sleep for more than two hours and even that wasn’t restful.

The doctors misdiagnosed this beasty with a grocery list of frightening things ranging from AID’s to leukemia and diabetes to lupus. The worst diagnosis came when the HMO’s forced them to treat my problem as psychosomatic. Any further testing was deemed too expensive.

The drugs they fed me were great and sure did allow me to ignore the pain but I also ignored living too. Try not to care about paying bills, doing taxes, paying attention to your kids or spouse or worse, having the occasional psychotic break attacking with intent to kill some asshole because you simply don’t give a damn about his, your own or anyone else’s life.

I was losing jobs, losing my family and told I’d be dead in a few years from secondary complications, such as, having blood pressure so high I was regularly hospitalized, all the while being berated and nagged for an assumed lazy life style and poor eating habits by clueless people reading my history thinking it was all in my head.

Anyway, about two years ago I’d given up on the medical world as it was draining money that could be better invested in my families future and resigned myself to a slow painful death. I thought at least the insurance would pay nicely. But, Chiu Shan begged I try one last time with a new doctor.

And, he figured it out in fifteen minutes!

It turns out that my symptoms were common place long ago when everyone in China used to ride bikes with a substantial number suffering a handlebar impalement accident.

In 1995 while riding to work one beautiful, clear, early Hawaiian morning I was flashed by about a million candlepower worth of flood lights and instantly blinded. I ended up speeding at around 30 mph into a 20 foot deep, volcanic boulder filled ditch where I busted my head and broke three ribs. I was pretty beat up as the Army doctors concentrated on my head wound, ribs, giving me the Ok, a handful of 800mg motrin and ordered back to work. They ended up missing several important injuries.

The first injury overlooked was a badly bruised pancreas, another was a ripped abductor Magnus muscle while the most important overlooked being two fractured vertebrae. How later doctors missed all this what with the MRI’s, Cat scans, ultrasounds, etc… is a wonder. It’s even more a wonder I was functional but back then I could hump a 100lb ruck plus SAW and 400 rnds 30 miles over mountains, ran ten miles a day and was in the best physical shape I’d ever been.

Anyway, the latest doctor had discovered that I healed quite well accepting two details. The first I can’t pronounce but basically means a screwed up endocrine system due to pancreatic damage. The second and, the real root of most of my problems, was two pinched nerve junctions at the spine that were sending all sorts of bogus, scrambled signals all over my lower left abdominal, groin and left leg.

He gave me a nerve block, got a dietician to come up with a diet to meet my screwed up pancreatic needs and shot me full of steroids and within a day I was totally pain free and a month later had lost twenty pounds along with my BP cut by more than half. I can feel myself improving every day, although, I am a little leery of the back surgery he ultimately recommends.

Thirteen years of often agonizing pain is over. I feel alive again!

September 18th, 2008

So diggin it

Oh booh hooh the sky is falling and the Wall Street suits have guns to their heads with hands out stretched to the guberment sayin pay up or will kill the nigga. Hah! I squeal with joy and cannot sleep what with the hope of anarchy. But still I know they won’t let the beast die for us simple bottom feeding unwashed carrion to feast on their bones. Must keep the façade lest the emperor lose his clothes and the multitude run up that hill to give them gibbets, pikes and heads on display down the mall.

I want it, crave the release.

I now have zeroed in on my allegorical comparisons. Obama is going to be Benito Mousolini. No, no, no not the Italian guy who ran the trains on time, no. He’s going to be the corrupt, sorry ass narcissist with delusions of grandeur hanging upside down dead in a tree covered in spit, feces and urine. Meanwhile, poor sad McCain will end up another Alexander Kerensky stuck with his hopeful finger in a leaking government dike as the revolutionary tidal wave bursts over the spill.

Meh, maybe they’ll move like agents and dodge the bullets. Who knows? Either way I continue to enjoy life.

Hehe, Aliens ate my Buick on the ether. Dolby is a fiend. I love him! SCIENCE! Now it’s Talking Heads, ummmm…
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